A Christmas Reality

That time of year is here again, so this I say to you

If you are broke and have no "loot" whatever will you do,

It's Christmas time and kids will want, so come on lets be frank

Is this the year "you never thought," brings to your mind food bank.

For times have changed from what they were, of that we're all aware

You scramble frantically around, but the cupboard is still bare

But worry not, for as you know, good people there are some,

Who know your plight, they will come through the good "Samaritan".

This is what Xmas is about, a time of happiness

This once a year the worlds at peace, and all is heaven blessed

People will sing, no matter what for carols will be sung

And in the towns throughout the world, all bells will be rung.

It is a joyous time of year whether rich or poor

As Santa Claus leaves on his rounds, he goes from door to door

Goodwill for all is what he brings, love and caring too

He brings enough for everyone to last the whole year through.

So when this night of all nights comes, give thanks,and raise a glass

Bad times and hardship that we know, we hope, will one day pass

Hold up your head, and raise a smile, you know you will get through

Remember that it's Christmas time, for family friends and you.

Eric Valentine November 25 1993 ©