A Sorry World

Like an old jacket showing signs of long time use,

Signs of wear and tear; a hole in the blanket.

A groan of anguish as it hangs on,

To get as much life out of it, as is possable.

Before finally, under protest, calling it quits.

The cries of pain and anguish, as the hungry cry out

Sounds of anger, signs of fear, of the future unknown.

The wail of people, heard around the World

Awareness of governments, to the problems

More empty promises, to apply the fix.

A World undone, in such a short span of time,

So much for the last hundred years of progress

No thanks to man's greed and man's endeavors.

Despite progress and new technology,

We plunge forever, in a downward spiral.

People live in a World, where anything goes,

This then, is the legacy we leave our children?

But contrary to the appearances on the surface,

It is they, who have the formidable task of renewal

If it is at all possible, or at least they, will try.

Eric Valentine August 15 1996©