There are leaves of yellow, red and brown
There is the feel of autumn in the air
Soon the trees will lose their crown,
As the wind's of change, will lay them bare.

Already gone, the leaves of green
Warm gentle breezes stirred the air
The bird's and wild life, not now seen
Little sign of life, that once was there.

Wistful thoughts of summer gone,
Memories ever etched in time.
Outings, trips and all that fun
Warmth and feelings, so sublime.

The winter looms and oh so cold,
Makes thoughts of autumn, not so low
For sure the leaves, although they're gold,
Still better than the winters blow.

Autumn, Autumn, the times to keep,
Such beauty, at the summers close,
When trees and wild life, go to sleep,
But to bloom again, in next spring's show.

Eric Valentine 1994 ©