Canada Untamed

High in the far north white with sheen

Far beyond the forests glade,

Are ice fields, glaciers, rarely seen

By man nor beast, are footprints made.

A place where nights are six months long

Ice, with warmth will shift and melt

Where mountains start and rivers throng

And waters move, from in the belt.

As south the rivers wind and turn

Swift currents raging rivers made,

Through mountains, forest, waters churn

O'er mountain gorge and wild terrain.

Raging rivers swift with flow,

Angry waters over rapids pour

In wild cascade on rocks below,

Down mountainside to valley floor.

Lightening flash and thunder roar

The mountain monolith ignores,

Nature unleashed with much fur'or

As banshee winds through forest bores.

Land that's lush so ripe and green

Mountains tall, they reach the sky

Most beautiful sights you've ever seen,

Trees block the sun, to naked eye.

For Country like you've never seen

Go places you've not been before,

Just travel north, fulfill a dream

See Wildlife Canada in the raw.

So as seasons come and seasons go,

For Country love, you can't be blamed

Each one puts on a different show

That's Nature, Canada Untamed.

Eric Valentine

March 06/94