I wonder if, you remember when

You were age nine, or maybe ten.

You took the step you would regret,

As you lit up your first "cigarette!"

And as you strutted, did regale

You took a puff and then inhaled,

You overlooked, did not realize

The first step you took, to your demise.

Now it's forty year's, to your regret

Since you lit that "first cigarette"

As you cough and choke and reach for air

You wheeze and rasp, in deep despair.

"I'm gonna quit" I hear you say,

Maybe tomorrow, but not today,

"I'm gonna quit and win that bet!"

Then you light up a "cigarette".

As you light up, you "hack" and "rale"

But still you smoke your "coffin nail"

"I wanna quit, but I cannot"

The "Goddamned smokes are all I've got"

I've very few friend's and can't you tell,

I guess it must be "The tobacco smell"

I wish I'd quit and win that bet.

Then this would be, my "last cigarette"

So as you in your "coffin" lay,

The hearse starts out, along the way.

You "Rap the lid," and up you get!!

"There's time for one last cigarette!"

It's still not too late, if you know what I mean,

Make up your mind, while you're only a teen,

Make the decision, you'll never regret.

Make the next one you "Butt," your "Last cigarette!"

Eric Valentine February 1994 ©