Cyber Satire

I have just been consumed by my 'puter,
As I sit day and night by this screen.
My brain goes all hazy, helpless and lazy
It's enough to make anyone scream!

I feel I was ate, like a big juicy steak
With juices dripping down o'er my chin
'puter brings up a burp, as in gravy I slurp.
However did this thing begin!

I must make the break, some time I must take,
Get away from the screen and this room,
For if I do not, I'll be just a blot!
With my time, filled with doom, also gloom.

So I must get a life, the computer forsake,
Like the steak that has come to it's end.
I can wipe off my chin and put on a grin.
To that task then, my mind I will bend.

Eric Valentine October 14 1999 ©