Eagle And The Dove

It’s a crazy mixed up World today

People fight, kill, push and shove,

There is no ‘Bulldog’ or ‘Great Bear’

Just the ‘Eagle’ and the ‘Dove‘.


The ‘Great Bear‘, it has taken a fall

It is ravaged; hurt, in pain,

The ‘Bulldog’ insignificant now,

And perhaps, not heard again.


There’s many people who are oppressed

And the ‘Hawk’ screams up above,

They’re under the ever watchful eyes

Of the ‘Eagle’ and the ‘Dove’.


Where will this end you may well ask,

All the turmoil of this age

For people, countries torn apart,

And like prisoners in a cage.


This Spaceship Earth, this place we live

Has paid its price, time and again

The rape and plunder of our World,

Mother Nature, cries in pain.


The young ones now, unenviable task,

Resolve the mess, with hand in glove.

The children of, the World at large

And the ‘Eagle’ with the ‘Dove’.

Eric Valentine Oct/98 ©