The shock hits you with the magnitude of an earthquake.
Seismic waves reverberate throughout your whole body,
Sending cold chills through you.
As would the eerie sounds of the wolf, howling at the moon.
You break down, sobbing uncontrollably.
You want to scream out, but the sounds choke in your throat.
Suddenly your whole body aches and screams in pain.

You are filled with a great void of loneliness and despair,
It's almost like someone just tore away a part of you.
The tear's begin to flow, like a never-ending tide.
The mind becomes numb and confused, as it refuses to accept the news.
The ceaseless pain goes on, and there is a feeling of complete emptiness
Yet, at the same time, a hard rock feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Just like the ceaseless swinging of the clock pendulum,
Time and time again, this torturous pain returns, and so it should.
For these are the feelings of my grief, and I am not alone.
So trouble me not with your words of sympathy, but forgive me.
Understand me if I feel you know not what my grief is.
For in the vast wilderness of my despair, I cannot hear your voice.
As I am a Mother, and I have lost my Child.

Dedicated to the memory of Bill Ruth Jnr.
Eric Valentine January 28/1997 ©