Life moves on relentless, oblivious to pain
Ignores all the things it brings, how else do we explain
Life is good and life is bad, they say it's what we make.
Life at times can seem so cruel, more than we can take.

Life has brought much happiness, happy times and such
It also brings the things we want, people we love so much
Life plays with our emotions, oft times it makes us cry
Things that life is all about, like the Sun up in the sky.

Life takes away the ones we love, it leaves us in much pain
Just when you think you have it all, it all is gone again
We sit there and we ponder our struggles and the strife,
We often wonder, fail to see, what goes on in our life.

At times we get so fed up, of this precious thing called life
It seems to be too much to take, as we deal with all the strife
But if we can take all that life brings, just take it in our stride
We then will see what life's about, and so, we will survive.

Eric Valentine August 29/94 ©