Love And You

Love is true and love is blind
A love like yours is hard to find,
To keep it strong through time and life
I ask you now, please be my wife.

I know you think I'm sentimental
And lead a life thats uneventful,
My love is strong and it runs deep
I even love you, while I sleep.

Love's a word that is used often
And then for some, is fast forgotten
But if you love, and you love true,
You'll be amazed, what love can do.

When I see you, I think of love
I see you as my little dove,
One so gentle and so kind
The one that always fills my mind.

You fill me so, with love and joy
I know that I'm a lucky boy!
With love like yours, I'm surely blessed
For when we met, who would have guessed.

So when you're tired and feel outplayed
Think of the wife, the vows you made
Look and see what true love brings,
And all because, you exchanged rings.

Eric Valentine Nov 6/93 ©