Man And The Cross

Crosses are carved, out of stone and of wood

They're furnished for people, and paid for in blood !

Crosses are made out of life, skin and bone

It's for you to decide, which one do you own ?


A cross is for woman, and also for man

It's all up to you, telling truth if you can,

A cross is for many, perhaps just a few

Which one do you own? It's all up to you.


Each soul has a cross it's required to bear

It may be a burden, or else can be fair,

A man makes his niche, as in life he does roam

How many contribute, to the cost of his throne.


Your life may be laden with guilt and with shame

The sins that repose, matters not who's to blame !

The "Cross that was Jesus" was harder to bear,

Thus there, next to his, you dare not compare.


If you've lived a life, that was not for gain

Your cross may be light, and even quite plain,

But we all bear a cross - of that there's no doubt

Decide which is yours, for " None go without" !

Eric Valentine Feb 23/94 ©