Me And My Pen

It has been a little while since my pen was in my hand

I’ve been doing lots of thinking, of my life and where it stands,

I’ve thought about my writing and what subjects are about

And all the time my pen has stood, idle and without.


I think of styles of poetry, both new and times long past

I ponder which to my mind is the better way to cast

Old style they say has changed, and is no longer good

Yet this old pen is itching for writing’s in its blood.


It’s easy for the world to see what’s going on today,

There should be lots of things to write and lots of things to say,

Should they be sentimental, or subjects that are tough

Will it be the good old days, or will it be new stuff.


I myself have lived the old, I’ve also lived the new

You’ve got two guesses which I think, the stuff that I should do

I’m not too keen on what I see, around the world today

The old times were much better, with better things to say.


However it’s what people want, that life is all about

It’s old stuff, new stuff, that this pen is going to put out

Next problem is what type of poetry, such a silly thing

Should it be just plain old verse, or rhyme that has a ring.


I think that I should just sit back, let my pen for me decide,

I’ll let it go and climb aboard, go with it for the ride,

My pen thus far has done alright, so in it I will trust

It matters not the things it says, for writing’s still a must


Eric Valentine March 23/94 ©