Like a long stemmed rose in a tall slim vase

Your hair so long, falling down across your face,

A look of love in your eyes when we meet

The only blue is the colour of the rose.

We walk and hold hands -- sheer pleasure,

When you laugh it's the peal of a fine bell,

The warmth of you as we lay side by side

The fuzzy look on your face when you awake.

Only you could make shopping -- such fun

Like little kids wrapping gifts -- such satisfaction,

Tape all over your fingers and the table.

Tousled hair, when you climb out of the shower.

The meals you prepare with such love

That ingredient, comes only from the heart,

Such quiet efficiency -- mind boggling,

A sprinkle of happiness in all that you do.

That mischievious look in your eyes as we dance,

Perfect cohesion when we move as one,

Like sheer music, you are poetry in motion,

So much do I love you for these Moments.

Eric Valentine April 11/94.©