If I could live a fantasy, just one time in my life,
I'd seek the perfect woman who one day would be my wife,
I'd whisk her in my chariot to ride the silver clouds above,
Clouds all burnished by the sun and I'd tell her of my love.

We would cross the largest ocean's in a schooner with large sails,
We would travel different islands and the trains along the rails.
When our journey was finally over and we were worn out and so beat,
I'd kiss her weary fingertips and caress her aching feet.

I would hope this perfect woman, could find it in her mind,
To let this not so perfect man into her life, and for all time.
I'd love this girl so fine with this heart of mine
And I'd hope she would let me stay,
To love her till the end of time, until my dying day.

Eric Valentine Dec 7 1999 ©