I only thought the things I should have said,

I have not always said the things I thought,

Realistically speaking then I think,

I should have said my thoughts out loud.


Government's, Interest Rates, and Real Estate Prices

Just like elevator's -- rise and fall,

With monotonous regularity.


If what you write has to be forced.

Then you have nothing to say.


For as much as has been said,

There's so much more that's been left unsaid.


The tallest of waves in the ocean

All find an even keel, once they

Hit the shore, and travel up the beach.


They say, "It's never over till the fat lady sings".

So the moral is,

Stay away from large ladies,

Or wear earplugs.


Sometime when you sit thinking about others,

Think about what others think of you

You might learn something about yourself.


As the saying goes," There's one born every minute,"

I have been born a thousand times

Most of the time knowingly, but always by choice.


The danger of taking someone for granted is,

Guess who eventually gets took.


They say that women are the weaker sex,

Don't be fooled, men are only where they are today

Because women, allowed them to be.

Men just don't know it yet.


If by your later years you have not learned

Something from life, guess what.

Anyone need a boat ride?


Theme song from the divorce courts.

" Roses are red, violets are blue

I've got your money, and to hell with you."


How can any politician,

Tell you where the World is going?

Most of them don't even know where it's been.


If you want to know what's in the future

Take a minute to look into the past,

Most of the answers are there.


In today's World, even if your goals are realistic,

You still may not achieve them.


For the children of today,

Trying to resolve the mess the World is in,

Is much like trying to dig a ditch with no hands.


" Old McDonald had a farm,"

Then along came " Free Trade."


Pretty soon, if the cost of living gets any higher

And the wages get much lower.

I shall have to get a job,

Working for the Government.

(With a pension, indexed of course.)


It is said, that nothing is worse than

A tongue lashing from a woman,

But then look where they get it from,



When in Rome do as the Romans do,

But do it better.


When things go around " full circle,"

Where is the beginning?

And where is the end?


If there were only five days in a week,

Just think how much quicker you would get old.

Of course you would live to a greater age too.


For all that I am, and for all that I have been.

At times, I have been my biggest disappointment in my life,

For all that you mean to me

Only you have disappointed me more.


All the words that are spoken mean nothing,

If the actions, don't support the words.


Nobody ever does " It " to you,

You do "it" to yourself, - you do have a choice.


It helps, when making your way through life,

To occasionally take, the blinkers off.


Never put all your eggs in one basket,

It could make for an awful heavy load.


You, who have everything in life, have nothing.

For you have not life, itself.


If I can reach through to you,

Not with the words that I have written

But through the words I have not written.

Then indeed - I have accomplished something.


Woman is the most complex creature God put on this earth

She can be the most beautiful, most organised, most faithful

She can also be the most vicious, just don't cross her!


When asked how much do you love me, he replied.

"I love you with all that I am, what little that I have.

Mostly, I love you for all that you inspire me to be."


In trying to save the World

One could end up, destroying them self.

It's because of their own vulnerability.

That they invariably do.


Destiny is only a small part of life.

The rest is, what you do with that life,

That will invariably complete the picture.


Fear, Pain, Anguish and Despair are all labels for the same package.

You can hardly experience one without touching on the others.


When asked if he was afraid he replied,

Fear and I are old friends from way back,

What have I got to worry about.


A father and son were having a heated argument and the son
was heard to say, " I didn't ask to be born." The father was
quiet for a moment, then looking at his son he replied
"That's right you didn't but you were born, and you were
born with some choices. Good or bad it's what you have done
with those choices that has put you where you are today."

Hard to swallow, is the bitter pill

That society has made for it-self


No matter how often we move,

The cold hand of death

Always knows where to find us

When the time comes.


Some people talk a good talk all their life

And say nothing.


As the saying goes; "Some things in life aren't worth a hill
of beans."
However; if those beans are sown in the right places,

And yield a good crop. Then they have to be worth

Their weight in gold!


With all of the perfectionist's in the world,

How come the world is in such bad shape?


Why is it, that men with no hair on their head

Can still grow lots on their chin?


If you took an im"peach"ment paper

And peeled off all the fuzz, underneath you would

Probably find a bunch of disgruntled politicians.


If Christmas is supposed to be for children

How come, it's the adults who seem to get

The biggest toys.


Having come into the world with nothing

And leaving the world the same way.

Life can seem like a treadmill of disappointments.

However; it's what you leave behind that will determine.

The true worth of it all.


Loneliness can make one feel,

Like the only grain of sand

In a whole vast desert.


As men seek to conquer with their dink

And women with their boob 's,

Who's to say who's going to win,

Or who is going to lose.


Life, is but a fleeting moment,

In a universe of passing time.

Therefore man, is less than a grain of sand

In the desert of infinite space.


Failure to concede against overwhelming odds

Just might mean defeat.

Failure to fight back, will most certainly guarantee it.


Softly spoken, or the written word,

Is like the soothing balm,

That heals the open wounds of life.


Unfortunately the World is full of

"Gladiators" who carry the scar's,

They picked up in the Arena of life.

They are not always hidden,

By the fine clothes they wear.


No "one" person can save the World.

But the world can certainly save.

At least one person.


Over time,Evolution has probably been a case,

Of monkey see, monkey do!


With the advent of, Cyber-net, cyberspace

And cyber travel,

However, will the body keep up!!


"They" say this and "They" say that,

But did anyone yet figure out,

Just who "They" really are?


In today's World the use of the word "Love"

For some people, has become just another word,

In the everyday language, of life, a mean's to an end,

Unless properly applied and felt, from the Heart!


By Eric Valentine 1993-present ®

Philosophical Ramblings