Restless Night

There in the dark while others sleep

There burns a single light,

Like many, numerous times before

It is another restless night

There's many people who've borne this

Their thoughts they have run wild,

Just like a ride in some fun park,

That they rode when as a child.

The writer sits there, pen in hand

Thoughts, feelings, captured, - found

There in the dark, while others sleep

Words, paper, - but no sound.

The words this time don't say too much,

But the restless night goes on.

There is no sleep there to be had,

Soon the dawn will gaze upon.

These are the wanderings of the night,

There are whispers of a breeze,

There's the rustle of the leaves outside

Gentle wind moves o'er the trees.

The sun doth rise on misty morn

And a new day has begun,

No more the dark and restless night,

Nor the single light for one.

Eric Valentine May 03/94 ©