Silent Night

The silence is eerie in the still of the night

Not even a bird, all things out of sight

All is so quiet, just the hint of a breeze

Just then a rustle, as the wind stirs the trees.


You can’t see a star for the clouds overhead

Nor can see a soul, for they’re all in bed

Not even a raindrop, stirs the quiet of the night

Even birds are a sleeping, else they’d be in flight.


Time passes in silence, clouds drift idly by

It’s like time has stood still, e’en the moon in the sky

Not even a train nor a car can be heard

Things pass by in silence, like the glide of a bird.


The silence is deafening, when all is so still

But the owl is just gliding, coming in for the kill

The field mouse does, finally give out a squeal

The silence is broken, now that was for real.

Eric Valentine August 31/98 ©