Soldiers Homecoming

Time is fast approaching when, I shall soon be home

Has it really been so long that I’ve been gone?

Your memory is like sweet music, to my mind when I lay prone,

But your smell and tender touch, is what I long for while I’m gone.


How long is long, in life my friend, with years still yet to come

For this parting in my memories, I will keep,

As I treasure all the moments, when once more I am home

For in that magic moment, for you I know, I’ll weep.


All the hours that I have lost, won’t really mean a thing

For this country is the thing that I’ve missed most,

All the pain, my longing, will be but a moments sting,

For has it really been that long, since I was there on your coast.


The time is fast approaching when, I shall soon be home

And my wanderings, will be a thing soon, of the past,

All else will be forgotten, as I no longer roam

All else, except the hunger for the country, I’d almost lost.

Eric Valentine Sept. 18/94 ©