Sleep peaceful my friend.

I remember the night, the first night we met

The group were all boisterous, the music so loud

As time slipped on by I became part of the crowd,

So we danced.

I learned that appearances were not what they were

And all that you saw, t'was not easy to see

For you put on an act, to hide misery,

So we danced.

Years slipped on by and good friends that we were

I learned of your thoughts, for mine were the same

Your feelings and misery, who knows whose to blame,

So we danced.

We all know what else, did then transpire,

As your illness took hold, relentless and cruel

A facade you put on, for that was your rule,

So we danced.

I remember that night, the last night we met

You seemed oh so happy, dressed to the nines.

This is how I'll remember you, looking so fine,

I am so glad we danced.

Eric Valentine October 28 / 98 ©